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A Classic Rock Band

The Rock-It Band  (Pittsburgh, PA)

Ginger and Rich

My 2 new best friends, whose names escape me (sorry)

Craig & Jeannie

Kristina and Brian

Warehouse Café — 4/10/10

We had 2 fine guest musician bands with us that night:

The Derek Dysart project and

The band featuring Jim, Rozanne, Mitch and Rik

Unfortunately, it’s also the night Craig’s guitar was stolen.


Hangin’ at the bar

All smiles

Go Pens!!

Jeannie & Paula

Guitar and whiskey T-Shirts

The Derek Dysart project

Bowing (on the violin), strumming and singing

Sitting and bowing

Dan’s fans

Happy to be here

Derek posing for the shot

Jim on guitar

Debbie & Jim

Bowing (as on a violin, not “taking a bow”)

Mitch on bass

Rik on drums (check out the drum stick trail!)

Rik with cool lighting

Rozanne on microphone