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A Classic Rock Band

The Rock-It Band  (Pittsburgh, PA)

“Don’t Fear the Reaper”...because he won 1st prize in the costume contest!

Lady Vampire and the Devil’s brother, “Death”,..I mean Doug

The Big Lebowski (right) won 3rd prize,

posing with Chicken Dude, Scottish Lass and Lady Viking

Angel & Devil—The Devil won 2nd prize!

R Bar—A (1 of 2)



Sisters (not the costumes but in real life)

“How would you like your blood?  On ice or straight up?”

Marijuana man and Chicken Dude, possibly Rooster Dude

Palamalu, Joan & Jack (our sound engineer)

“Witch way to the bar?”

The Blues Brother (and sister? Or wife??)

Zoro & the Fortune Teller

The Grim reaper’s date

“Oh, is there a costume party tonight?

This is how I always dresss!”

“Sorry I couldn’t wait on you faster, but I’m dead!”

I see you got your palm read

Jeannie & Craig

Frankenstein and his bride (The green make-up came off)

Scottish and lovin’ it.

A very scary picture

Looking at someone else’s camera

Zoro & Palamalu

“Could you fill this up for me?”