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A Classic Rock Band

The Rock-It Band  (Pittsburgh, PA)

3 of the 4 Rock-It-eers

Jim, somewhere back there

Dan is happy about whatever Gary is playing

Gary, deep in thought, ...or sleep-standing?

Craig singing

Jim, and some of his entourage

The rest of Jim’s entourage

Craig, still singing

Here’s 2  more of Jim’s entourage that we missed

“We’re just happy to be here”

Craig and Dan

Then band is on break

Everybody’s happy

The band played on……...

“Hold it one minute,…..I’ve got to take this”

“Yes, I am happy with my wireless carrier”

“We’ll be back shortly folks. Gary is on a call.”

Gary is back

The band resumes

“By the way Gary, who was that?”

Rachel and her fiancé

“Turtles rule!!!!”

Roy’s by the Tracks in Finleyville