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A Classic Rock Band

The Rock-It Band  (Pittsburgh, PA)

First place costume contest winner! (Rob and Joyce)


Rock-It’s costumes

Second Place costume contest winner (Brian)

The Lone Ranger, and his lovely wife, Tonto

The dark Jester

“Devil in a blue dress”, and a witch

A colorful group

R Bar in Dormont—1 of 2

10/26/13 Halloween Party

Dude,...less pictures, more band playing

That’s soooooo funny!

Snow White and her “Prince” (the artist formerly known as…)

Merle and Charlene

Which one is more scary?  This one……..

………….or this one?

Craig’s buddies from the Sesame Inn (Mt. Lebanon)

Kristina and Brian

“Duffman here.  Can I help you?”

He’s dressed as a,...ah….hmmm,...I don’t know.

Joyce is guarding the door

Everybody have fun tonight

Nice costumes


Gary and Dan

Craig and Gary and 1/2 of Dan

Craig, Gary and all of Dan

Jeannie (female Tonto) is partying!