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A Classic Rock Band

The Rock-It Band  (Pittsburgh, PA)

Jeannie and Debbie

Jeannie, Debbie, Craig and Gary

Rachel, and her mom, Debbie

Jeannie, Debbie and Craig

“I’ll have a Captain and Coke please”

Dana and Phil

Jeannie and Cathy

In my opinion, best costumes of the night

R Bar in Dormont - Halloween Party

10/31/15 - 1 of 2

The devil , and the details

R Bar regulars

A graduate from the School of Rock

Craig and hippie wife Jeannie

Things are getting a little crazy here


R Bar man and his side kick,...ah,..turban woman

Did you know that someone scribbled on your face?

Sonia and a friend

Angel and devil,….I think

The Rock-It Band

Craig and Pat

Jeannie and Craig

Jeannie and some pirates

Lynn as Maleficent

Lynn and Rachel