Hard Rock Cafe - 1/31/09—Set C

Steelers Super Bowl Party

Special thanks to John Kreutzer for taking the pictures

These are from John’s camera


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A Classic Rock Band

The Rock-It Band  (Pittsburgh, PA)

“Please, no more pictures”

Rock-It, from a distance

“Hey, you got a problem man?!”

Lori’s 40th birthday cake

John & Craig in front of the Hard Rock sign

“Here we go Steelers…….”

Lori & Craig in front of the Hard Rock sign

“Did I say you could take my picture?”

“Say cheeeeeeeeeeese”

Craig, looking a bit intense

Hangin’ at the Hard Rock

Posing at the Hard Rock

Rock-It fired up

Gary & the Hard Rock sign

Rock-It & the Hard Rock sign

Craig & the Hard Rock sign

The Hard Rock sign and Rock-It

Craig playing keyboard

A view from the back

Craig & Gary jammin’

Craig & Gary jammin’ 2