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A Classic Rock Band

The Rock-It Band  (Pittsburgh, PA)



Warning: The Surgeon General has determined that partying with the Rock-It band may induce a rare but serious disorder know as “Lotsaphun Syndrome”.  The warning signs to look for include:

1) Tapping your foot

2) Rocking in your chair

3) Occasional smiling.


In it’s advanced stages, “Lotsaphun Syndrome”  has been known to cause victims to:

1) Scream out loud

2) Get up and dance

3) Yell “You guys Rock!!!”


Please avoid prolonged exposure to Rock-It by considering alternative activities,

 such as;

For Women:

1) Strike up an interesting conversation with your boyfriend/husband by asking him to

     explain how the combustion engine works.

2) Learn to enjoy his favorite sport.

3) Suggest a shopping trip to the local Home Depot.

For Men:

1) Spend some quality time with your girlfriend/wife and explore each other’s inner feelings.

2) Catch up on the “Honey-Do” list.

3) Suggest a shopping trip to get new drapes (or curtains).


It will also help to avoid checking out the new Rock-It website www.rock-itband.com where you’d find all kinds of information, pictures and directions to the gigs.


If nothing else, you can always do the same stupid stuff this weekend that you always do.  That’s always fun……isn’t it?