About Craig Stolar

Name: Craig Stolar


Role in Rock-It: Lead Guitar, Vocals, Keyboard, Music Director, Senior Partner


Tools of the Trade: Silver Ibanez RS (2002), Midnight Blue Ibanez  (2010) and Honey Blond Fender Telecaster (1976).  I had a Black Gibson Les Paul Deluxe (1983) but it was stolen while playing a gig at the Warehouse in April of 2010.  I am very bummed out about that.  I played that guitar more than any other.  My keyboard is a Yamaha MO6 which I bought in the Spring of 2008. I no longer have the Prophet 600 in the picture above.  I sold it on eBay and used that money to buy a Yamaha MO6.  I also have an Epiphone Acoustic guitar (by Gibson) and a (1966) Hagstrom bass guitar that I got by trading it for a turntable.  My guitar amp is a Line 6 which is computerized and is very complicated, but somehow I prefer it that way.  My keyboard amp is an Acoustic (brand name) and is older than most of you.


Musical Influences:  The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, The Who, Emerson Lake and Palmer, Aerosmith, Deep Purple, Rush, Johnny Winter., Grand Funk, Van Halen, Pink Floyd.


History as a musician:

1975: “Bastille”  - This was my first band and I started it with people I met while attending the School of Music at The University of Pittsburgh.  We played some bars and a few weddings.

Format = Progressive Rock


1976 to 1982: “Suncrystal” - I was the leader of this band which meant I had all of the responsibility and none of the power and I got paid the same as everyone else.  We played mostly weddings (about 50 per year) and some bars.  I finally got a chance to get my money’s worth from those Accordion Lessons I took in 1st grade and from the $2 Kazoo I bought at the local music store.

Format = Pop Rock and stupid wedding songs (“Hokey Pokey”, Polkas and the “Alley Cat”, which is equivalent to the modern day “Electric Slide”).


1982 to 1991: “Obsession” - I was the leader of this band too.  We played mostly bars and night clubs and some weddings.  We once opened for Donnie Iris at Al’s Café.  We got this gig because Donnie wanted the hottest local band to open for him, and because we were the only available band with a big P.A. system and light show they could use.  It was 99.9% because of the second reason. We played the main stage at Seven Springs 6 years in a row for New Year’s Eve and in the Matterhorn lounge once a month.

Format: An eclectic mix of Pop Rock, Dance Pop, Funk, Heavy Metal and Top 40.  We played everything from Rush & Led Zeppelin to Madonna & Cindy Lauper.  We had a great female lead singer (Debbie Dyer) who later moved to Florida but still stays in touch.


1992: “The Prime Time All Stars”

Format:  What ever we felt like playing, but mostly Classic Rock.


1992 to 1995: “Rock Hard” - The predecessor to “Rock-It.  All the same members, only the name changed.

Format: Classic and New Rock


1995 to Present: “Rock-It” - Gary and I have been together from the start but the Bass player and the Drummer have changed quite a few  times.


I have been fortunate to play with many excellent musicians.  My goal has been to always be challenged by surrounding myself with musicians who were better than me.  I have accomplished that.  I plan on rockin’ until the very end.  I have been especially been fortunate to have my lovely wife Jeannie by my side, who has been very supportive of my music obsession.


* This history was compiled with the best recollections of Craig Stolar.  If you believe you have any corrections to this information, please contact Craig Stolar: cstolar@verizon.net

To contact us: CStolar@verizon.net

A Classic Rock Band

The Rock-It Band  (Pittsburgh, PA)


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