Rex Theater “Big Beatles Night 4” - 2/16/08-A by Debbie

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A Classic Rock Band

The Rock-It Band  (Pittsburgh, PA)

“Testing. One, two, four”

Carl says “Ladies  and gentlemen, introducing Rock-It”

For our first song, we’ll do “Ticket To Ride”

Gary warms up the crowd

Rock-It, rockin’ it at the Rex

Jeannie on tambourine

“She’s got a ticket to ride…………....”

“…….and she don’t care”

Rock-It, again

Debbie is getting some good angles for her pictures

A view from further back

A little closer

Craig singing “Dear Prudence…..”

John singing “round-round-round-round”

Gary on Guitar

Jeannie getting into it

John on Bass

Craig singing and playing

Jeannie on tambourine

Jeannie on tambourine again