About Pat Rush


Name: Pat Rush—Joined the band 9/22/15

Role in Rock-It: Drummer and vocals

Tools of the Trade: 2 kits—DW Drums Collector series and a Pearl kit with Zildjian cymbols.

Musical Influences:  The Beatles, Keith Moon (Who), Danny Seraphine(Chicago), Mitch Mitchell, Ginger Baker & Buddy Rich.


Craig’s note:

Pat played with me a very long time ago in a band called Suncrystal.  We had not been in touch since then, but were re-connected through Dan (our current bass player).  It was a pleasant surprise to hook up with Pat again because he was great in Suncrystal, had a good attitude and work ethic, and left under good conditions.


Pat’s Story:

Pat Rush is a long time veteran of Pittsburgh’s music scene having played with some of the regions most recognizable names. He was one of the original members of Craig Stolar’s  Rock & Rollers way back when (actually, they were called Suncrystal.  Stolar’s Rock and Rollers was a joke name Craig used in college).  Having joined the Rock-it Band in 2015, Pat feels like he’s now come full circle.  Pat has been influenced by everyone he’s ever played with, and as the time keeper  for the Rock-it


Band he’ll provide a solid foundation and enthusiastic style of playing.  Pat was influenced & grew-up listening to the Beatles, Keith Moon (Who), Danny Seraphine(Chicago), Mitch Mitchell, Ginger Baker & Buddy Rich.  Pat taught privately for many years and credits Pittsburgh drum legend Tom LaFlame as his mentor and inspiration. 


Pat’s tools of the trade consist of two different set-ups, one is a DW Drums Collector series the other is a Pearl kit. He’ll alternate based on the venue requirements. Pat plays A Zildjian cymbals and is still waiting on a huge endorsement deal!

A Classic Rock Band

The Rock-It Band  (Pittsburgh, PA)