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A Classic Rock Band

The Rock-It Band  (Pittsburgh, PA)

Rock-It as Kiss

Jeannie preparing Rik to be Elvis

Rock-It as The Beatles

Rachel, Olive and Gary (Village Person)

Jeannie & Daughter Sarah as Dorothy and a Genie (or Harem Girl?

Kristina & Brian as Sharon & Ozzie Ozbourne

Mike poses beside us

Star Trek

The many faces of Elvis

Rik (Village person) & Nancy (Biker Chick)

The Blues Brothers as Rock-It

Jeannie as Marilyn again

Rock-It’s Previous Halloween

Costumes with family and friends

Special Thanks to Jeannie—Costume Designer & Consultant


Craig as Elvis

Jeannie as Dorothy again

Jeannie as Harem Girl

Gary and Debbie as Elvis and Elvis’ Girlfriend

Rick Darr as Elvis touching himself

Text Box: The Village People

Jeannie as a very busty  Marilyn

Brian and Kris as Olive Oyl and Popeye

Jeannie as Cruella DeVille

Rock-It as the Blue Brothers again

Kris & Brian, not exactly sure what they are, but looks good.

Gary as Elvis, or Bowser from


Olive (no costume) and Pirate Debbie

Nancy, Rik, Jeannie & Gary