About Dan Wilt

This Biographical account was submitted by Dan:
Name: Dan Wilt
Role in Rock-It: Bass Guitar(He sings too but wonít admit it-Craig)
Tools of the Trade: I own lots of guitars and basses.  I have a few Ďprojectsí that I might finish someday.  My mainstay bass is a Warwick Dolphin Pro I 5 string.  I also keep my Steinberger Ďheadlessí 5 string on stage at all time.  I just finished rebuilding a fretless P-bass that gives me a nice acoustic sound.   My favorite guitar is my Guild S300D.
I use a lot of different amps, depending on what Iím doing.   For smaller venues Iíll bring a Peavey head and run a 410 or a single 15Ē cab.
Iíve also started using a Bass Vamp pro modeling pre-amp and an EP2500 power amp with a 410 cabinet and a single 15 cabinet.  I like this setup because it works pretty well for my bass and guitar.
Musical Influences: Everyone Iíve ever played with, and most people Iíve heard.  I like to listen to old blues, big bands, any style of music with rock anywhere in the description, and any band with multiple guitars.
History as a musician:
My journey started when I was 8 as a guitar student of Howard Melcome.   After frustrating him for many years, he started teaching me bass.   I played guitar in church all through grade school.  To this day I still hate folk music.  I played in numerous basements through high school as a guitar player, but got to play regularly at the Civic Arena as the bass player for the Duquesne Dukeís basket ball teamís pep band in 1977?  Then life got busy.  I left for the Marines the week I graduated.   I got out as a sergeant, got married to Rosanne, got a job, went to night school, played ice hockey and started cranking out kids.  Did I mention my band time was pretty limited?  I still played as much as I could as a fill in.  Iíve played Jazz, Dixie Land, Metal, Big Hair, Blues, New Wave, and Classic Rock.  My 5th kid has gotten more independent so you may see me out more often.  I have been playing southern rock, blues, and classic rock for a few years with some very talented gents in Sweet Daddy.  Iíve am also having a lot of fun for the past couple years with the band Suitcase Chimps.  We are a 3 piece that goes after some pretty big songs.  My newest project is also my most prolific! I ran into the boys from the Rock-It band a little while ago, and I havenít gotten to catch my breath since.  Iím having as much fun as the folks who come out to hear us play.  

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A Classic Rock Band

The Rock-It Band† (Pittsburgh, PA)


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