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This Biographical account was submitted by Gary:


Name: Gary Hodill


Role in Rock-It: Lead Vocals and Guitar, Booking Agent, Senior Partner


Tools of the Trade: I currently own 10 or 11 guitars with the recent acquisition of a Fender Jagmaster a cross between a Jaguar and Jazzmaster. The others are:

1960 Gibson LP III

1970 Gibson LP Custom

1974 Gibson SG

1976 Gibson Flying V

1980 Gibson ES335

1971 Fender Telecaster

1999 Fender Jagmaster

2000 Fender Squire Strat

1980 Silver Street Custom Made

1982 Baby Dean Explorer

1974 Guild D25 Acoustic

Im now using a Fender Stage 160, although over the years Ive used everything from a Marshall stack to a roll and pleated Kustom. I also use an H & K pre amp.


Musical Influences: David Bowie, Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Clarence Carter, Rock-it Band


History as a musician:

I started playing in a band at the age of 9 or 10. We were called The Twinkies and had a minor success with our original rock song You show me yours and Ill show you mine.

All the girls in the neighborhood loved it They wanted to act out the words so badly, that I had them knocking on my bedroom window at all hours of the night My Mom was not amused. And although, I think it started us all on the road to sexual awareness that summer - All I know is I had a blister on my thumb from my zipper!

So A short rundown of where Ive been.

I played in various garage bands over the years. Some very good ones, some not so good.

Of note would be:


TheTremor Band Heavy Metal when no one else was doing it. Rik and I were in that band together. I mainly sang, though did do some guitar and wrote a lot of songs. We had a guitar wizard named Jeff Bower (affectionately known as Bowzer) and a kick ass Bass player, Rick Darr. Also had the BEST sound man Jack Jenkins, whos with us today.


Galactus This was a band put together by a DJ named Terry Lee. Thought it was going to be our big break. We recorded an all cover album that was released to rave revues by our parents. But, we did start writing and had some great songs ready to go. Unfortunately, Terry went to jail for awhile and we lost touch.

There were some very talented people in the band. John Puckett on guitar, Jim Wilson on Bass and T.R. Zebrovious on drums (RIP)


Rockola I loved playing in this band. We did oldies and Classic Rock and were together longer than any band Ive been in outside of Rock-it. Our claim to fame was we all lead vocalists. We had killer harmonies and did the Beach Boys better than.. the Beach Boys! Rick Darr also played in this band.

It was now 1990 and Rockola had run its course. Debbie and I had our beautiful daughter Rachel and I pulled out of the business for almost 5 years. Then as fate, or luck would have it, I ran into Rik at a Steeler football game. He mentioned a jam for MS at a local bar and wanted to know if I wanted to play. He also mentioned Rick was in as well as a guitar player Craig Stolar. I was ready.


That was 1994, and 12 years + later, Rock-It is going stronger than ever. I consider these guys and their families as my best friends. And have been fortunate enough, through our music, to have met some great people over time. Im ready for another 12 +.


* This history was compiled with the best recollections of Gary Hodill and Craig Stolar. If you believe you have any corrections to this information, please contact Craig Stolar: cstolar@verizon.net

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